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Fully Automated Rockwell/Superficial Rockwell Hardness Tester

Model No. 900-389


This digital Rockwell/Superficial Rockwell hardness tester with fully automated load/unload procedures affords highly sensitive and accurate readings. Micro computer controlled Touch Screen with USB output to PC. The 900-389 digital Rockwell hardness tester offers programmable scale conversions, dwell times, statistical capabilities and test counter.

Capable of testing in ALL Rockwell hardness scales

Touch the start symbol on the display.

Raise Test Table ~Minor Load Application ~Major Load Application/Dwell/Release ~Rockwell Hardness Display~ Lowers Test table

Direct Loading Method With Load-Cell Instead Of Dead Weight System. High Speed Test Cycle and Extremely Accurate Loading Control

  • Automatic conversions to HB, HV, Other Rockwell Scales
  • Touch Screen selectable system
  • Upper/Lower Limit Settings

Specifications: Rockwell Hardness Tester

Minor Load 29.4N(3kgf), 98.1N (10kgf)
Major Load 147.1N(15kgf),
588.4N (60kgf),
980.7N (100kgf),
1471N (150kgf)
Test Force Application Load Cell Closed Loop
Test Force Control Motorized
Results Display Hi Def LCD Digital Readout
Resolution 0.1HR
Vertical Capacity 5.50”
Throat Depth 5.90”
Height 700mm
Width 700mm
Depth 260mm
Weight 220 lbs

Accessories: Included

  • C-scale Diamond Indenter
  • 1/16” Ball Indenter
  • 3- HRC Test Blocks
  • 1- HRB Test Block
  • 1-HRN Test Block
  • 1-HRT Test Block
  • Dust Cover
  • Accessory Case
  • Test resolution: 0.1HR Rockwell unit;
  • Operation temperature: 50° - 95°F (10ᵒC~35ᵒC)
  • Ambient environment: clean, no vibration, no strong magnetic field,
  • and no corrosive medium;
  • Power supply: single phase, AC, 110-220 with manual change, 50~60Hz, 4A;
  • Machine dimension: 700mm×250mm×600mm.

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